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8 Ways To Get Client Real Estate Agent Reviews

Carey Chesney9-minute read
August 06, 2021


So, you’ve completed a transaction and another happy customer is singing your praises – what a feeling! There are few greater moments for a real estate agent than when a client raves to them about what a wonderful job they’ve done.

Maybe the process was seamless, and the new homeowners are awed at how easy it was. Or maybe there were more than a few bumps in the road and you navigated through them like a pro. Regardless of the circumstances, satisfied clients are the backbone of any good real estate agent’s business. You live on referrals and it’s no surprise the happier people are when you work with them the more likely they are to refer. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that much to your business if you're the only one who hears the praise.

Leveraging your clients’ great experiences in ways that spread the word to other potential clients in and beyond their circle of friends and family is a great way to grow your business. Here we will look at client reviews as a means for doing just that. We will look at what they are, why they are important and how you can master the tools and resources to make sure they are being used to effectively market the superior service you deliver every day.

What Are Real Estate Agent Reviews?

Essentially, anytime a current or former client publicly tells people about what you did for them is an agent review. This can be done in a number of ways, to different audiences on different platforms.

A client can post a review on your Facebook page, their own page, a relevant group, through Twitter, on Instagram, on TikTok, on YouTube or on your website or a real estate review site, just to name a few.

Keep in mind that these reviews don’t have to be different on each platform. Say, for example, you help someone who is a fan of old houses find the perfect 1800s Tudor-style home they've been craving. It wasn’t easy to find that home in the right neighborhood for the right price, but you got it done and your client is over the moon about it. Once the sale is completed, they write you an email detailing what traits of yours helped the most and what actions you took that went above and beyond their expectations. You feel great, but remember, you’re the only one who sees that email.

What if they took some content from that email and posted it on their Facebook page with a picture of the house and tagged you? What if they then shared that post on the For the Love of Old Houses Facebook page? Pretty big spread of the news of how great you are compared to that single email they sent you, right?

That same review can also be simply cut and pasted to be put on Twitter, your website, Zillow, Trulia, and on and on. You get the idea. Reviews are awesome, but when you get them through the right “megaphone,” they can transform your real estate business.

Why Are Reviews Important?

Why does it matter if people spread the word about how great you are?

Well, when people buy any product or service online, they usually want to see what other people think about it first. It’s human nature. From Yelp to Amazon, to everything in between, reviews drive consumer confidence (or lack of) in your business. They can also help you define the type of client you really want to serve. So when you have clients post reviews all over the internet for you it means you are more likely to attract people similar to them.

For example, let’s say you are looking to specifically cater to clients interested in lake houses and you have just gotten your first lake house listing. Awesome! Once that deal is done, how can you leverage that experience to get more like them?

Have your happy client write a review about all the great ways you worked to get their lake house sold. When they post it on review sites, people searching for agents will see you have experience in selling lakefront properties. That can be a differentiator if that’s the type of house they are looking for. In addition, when that happy client posts about you on their Facebook page all of their friends will see it. Do you think their friends are more likely to be into lake life than most? You bet.

Use These Top 8 Tips To Best Build Your Reviews

You probably understand the importance of reviews by now and may be wondering how to go about getting them. There are endless ways, really, but that statement can be a bit daunting and doesn’t really help you know where to start.

We’ll cover eight ways you can take action right away towards building your reviews including highlighting your hero moments, asking your clients for reviews, offering incentives, providing excellent service, responding appropriately to bad reviews, using Google My Business, performing competitive research, and practicing good reputation management. 

Highlight Your Hero Moments

Ever walk away from the closing table feeling particularly good? You’ve got a little pep in your step knowing you went above and beyond and got the job done despite some adversity. There were probably moments during that home sale journey that stick out as big a win for you and your clients. Remember them, write them down, and tell the world about them.

A few examples may include catching a last-minute error, negotiating successfully, or quickly securing the best offer. Or maybe your clients were looking in a seller’s market – see current market – and they kept missing out on houses that were going over asking price with few contingencies. Maybe they felt a bit dejected until you found that diamond in the rough off market house that was perfect for them and convinced the owner to sell. That’s a hero moment!

Highlighting these moments in your conversations with prospective clients and in your marketing is critical. These are the moments people will remember when they decide which real estate agent to use and continue to remember throughout the home buying process.

Presenting these moments to people can be tricky though, as you don't want to come off with too much of a bragging tone. Framing them as reflective experiences, or personal growth stories rather than sounding forceful, pushy, or salesy is a good approach.

In addition, highlight the client and their role in your hero moments as much as yourself. Afterall, wins in the real estate business are always team efforts.

Ask Your Clients

Asking your clients for reviews is the best way to ensure you get them. Sure, some might come unsolicited, but to build them up to a point where you have enough to really instill confidence in prospective clients, you are going to have to ask.

It’s important to ask right after a client has been working with you, because that ensures the details of the transaction and the things you did well are fresh in their mind. Sometimes it makes sense to wait until they are especially pleased with you. If an issue has come up near the end of the transaction and they are feeling a little uncertain or disappointed, make sure to solve the problem and get them in a better mind set in terms of your performance before asking for that review. Or, if you identify a hero moment during your transaction where you really went above and beyond, that can be a good time to ask if they are willing to write a review, even if the transaction hasn't closed yet.

There are many different ways to do this and choosing the right one should consider both your and your client’s communication preferences. An in-person conversation, personalized email, call, text or Facebook message are all options. Think about the form of communication that has gotten the quickest response from your client while you worked with them and that’s a good place to start. Not sure what to say? Here’s a script you can start with and modify to fit your specific style.

Hi (insert name),

It was such a pleasure to work with you on finding/selling your home! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with as you transition to this new chapter of your life.

Also, if you have a minute to write a quick review of me as an agent, I would really appreciate it. Reviews help prospective clients learn about what I have to offer and are a critical part of growing my business.

You can just respond to this email with some thoughts that I can share on various websites or you can post a review yourself using the links below. 

(provide links)

  • Review Link #1
  • Review Link #2
  • Review Link #3

Thank you so much for trusting me while searching for/selling your home, as it was truly an honor to serve you!

Offer An Incentive

Not getting the amount of responses for reviews that you need? Try offering an incentive. We all like free stuff – right? A drawing for a gift card is a great way to get people to take a few minutes to write a quick review. An email to all your recent clients could look like this:

Hi (insert name)!

As you might know, getting good reviews of my services is one of the best ways for me to grow my business and serve more people like you. That’s why I’m doing a drawing for a $200 Visa gift card for former clients who write me a review!

Just take a few minutes to reply to this email with some thoughts that I can share on various websites or post a review yourself using the links below and you will be automatically entered to win!

(provide links)

  • Review Link #1
  • Review Link #2
  • Review Link #3

Provide Excellent Service

What’s the best way to get good responses when you ask for reviews? Knock your client’s socks off with the service you provide!

Be educated on your market, communicate with the frequency and in the manner they prefer, and always keep a positive approach to how you serve them.

In addition, don't just focus on what they tell you they need, but try to also anticipate their unexpressed wishes and needs. The idea is to continually surprise and delight your clients with the level of service you are providing.

Finally, how you handle tough situations is critical. If you practice exceptional service after a mishap, your client's perception of you can actually be better than if nothing bad ever happened at all. The bottom line is that the better service you provide, the more likely you will get quality reviews.

Respond To Bad Reviews

So you got a bad review, huh? You may feel a sinking feeling in your stomach immediately. Fight that off and get ready to respond in a way that will flip the script.

Remember that potential clients know you are not perfect, which can be endearing. They aren’t going to let one bad review be the sole factor in their decision to use you as an agent or not. In fact, seeing a bad review adds some legitimacy to all your reviews, as potential clients see that your reviews are honest and not just platitudes planted by friends and relatives.

Now to the response. Responding shows engagement and care for the opinions of your clients. Just by offering any response at all you are helping turn the tide of public opinion.

First, thank them for the review, even though you might be disappointed while you do it. It’s the only way to learn and grow as an agent. Honest feedback really is a gift – though sometimes it takes a while to realize that.

Next, address the concern and offer your thoughts and expertise of how you could have done better or will do better in the future. Remember not to argue with them even if they are totally off-base and you are right. Their perception is all that matters, not the cold hard facts of what happened.

End your response with another thank you for the review and an olive branch to talk more about it if they are interested. Everyone watching will see that you care, are honest about your flaws, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.

Use Google My Business

Think about how you look for most things online. You probably Google it.

Prospective clients are no different, so understanding what happens when people search for you or the services you provide is critical. By utilizing Google My Business you can ensure that you show up when people look for you on Google Search & Maps with your Business Profile. In addition, there are a number of free and paid tools Google offers to help with search engine optimization (SEO), the practice of making sure you come up when people look for you or the services you offer.

Perform Competitive Research

Research what online platforms will best market to your niche target market to get in front of the right customers where they are already engaging online.

For instance, if your niche market is beach homes, perform research to determine what media platforms the majority of buyers in this market utilize/what platforms other successful real estate agents in this market use. See things that other agents do that resonate with you? Go ahead and try them yourself, measure the results, and continually adjust your approach accordingly.

Reputation Management

A real estate agent’s success is tied directly to their reputation, as you probably already know. This means your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other media platforms can be critical tools for bolstering your reputation. Highlight your real estate experience, your hero moments and your exceptional customer service to foster a good online reputation ... and more reviews!

The Bottom Line

As agents, we are only as good as our clients say we are. It’s really that simple. Use these tools to elicit good feedback from clients and make sure you tell the world about them. Referrals are the key to any good real estate business and the best way to get them is through solid, well-promoted reviews.

Carey Chesney

Carey Chesney brings a wealth of residential and commercial real estate experience to readers as a Realtor® and as a former Marketing Executive in the fields of Health Care, Finance and Wellness. Carey is based in Ann Arbor and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he majored in English, and Eastern Michigan University, where he recieved his Masters in Integrated Marketing & Communications.