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How To Create A Brand That Brings In Your Dream Clients

Jeannette Baum3-minute read
July 21, 2021


Building a brand can seem overwhelming at times because you may not know where to start. From figuring out your niche to building a website, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to real estate branding. Setting up a unique style that fits your personal brand and is uniform with your marketing materials is key in finding what style best suits you.

Today we’re going to go through some of the best ways to create your personal branding as a real estate agent, in an effort to work with your dream clients.

Be A Goal Setter

One of the first things that you should do as a real estate agent trying to build a personal brand is set goals that will get the ball rolling. Some of the goals you’ll want to map out are things such as creating a logo, having a website design, reviewing past client experiences, and many more.

A logo can take time, as does a slogan that is catchy enough to draw in clients. If you have a website or you’re active on social media, it will be easier for clients to share your information with their friends or someone who needs a real estate agent.

Being active on social media, your website, and even having a personal blog or YouTube account is huge when it comes to connecting and engaging with clients and potential clients. Having a blog to share success stories with clients and new tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way is great for real estate agent branding because it also helps build credibility.

After taking the time to figure out how you’ll reach each of these goals, you can create a timeline for when you want to achieve them. Having each of these things done is essential for building strong branding.

Design Is Powerful

When designing your marketing and advertising materials, it’s important to be consistent so clients and potential clients can recognize your brand. The design for any marketing tactic does not necessarily need to be intricate; sometimes a simple design can make an impact.

When designing your logo, you want to take your time because it is essentially the face of the company. You want it to be easy to remember and powerful enough to make an impact on someone who is looking at several different agents at a time, so that way they can recall yours when they think about you.

A design that’s well done should make a good first impression and provide a good experience for the client whether it’s the design of your website or simply how you design or lay out some of your marketing materials. People can lose interest very quickly if something isn’t easy to understand, so making things simple to navigate is key.

Build A Presence

Why is presence important? Having a strong online presence shows clients and potential clients that you’re engaging and willing to answer any questions they may have. You want to figure out what makes you stand out from other agents that can also help you with brand positioning.

Once you feel like you know how you want to position yourself as a real estate agent online, then you can include some of the design and marketing elements mentioned earlier so your brand is consistent across many different platforms and is easily recognizable.

Get To Know Your Clients

In order to know what type of clients you like to work with, look into past clients and get to know them. Understanding your clients allows you to see what has worked and what hasn’t. When taking the time to reflect on past client experiences, it can also help you see where you want to expand on your skills and gain new knowledge in different areas.

Your brand position can help with reaching out to the right clients and target audiences. Once you have the foundation of your personal and real estate branding sorted out, you’re more likely to reach the clients who best suit your experience and knowledge base.

Jeannette Baum

Jeannette is a Marketing Communications Manager for Rocket Mortgage, and she heads up a team of publishers for the Publishing House. She is well-versed in home decor, marketing, and recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for Fortune 500 companies. Jeannette holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and loves writing informational blogs.